Surprisingly, I’m squeezing some time to log in here. I’m so occupied at work and mommy duties when i get home that i rarely have time to blog, bloghop and do other online tasks.

How was your day? Mine wasn’t good. I’ve been sick for the past 2 days. I’m loading myself with lots of vitamin C, drinking lots of water every now and then. I hate feeling awful.Hope this doesn’t worsen.:(

Is it Friday yet?  Coming week will be fully packed though and to say that I am excited will be an understatement. We’ll go malling either tomorrow or Saturday to get a couple of toys for the little boy even if he have tons already as I guess every child would really love to get toys on all occasions.  Agree? We might also check some high quality Tire Chains my nephew asked us to find. Then on Sunday  would be our typical rest day..bloghop, do online assignments, shop digiscrapping kits.

Have  a great weekend y’ all! And remember to watch what you eat.Be healthy!


More later…

Here’s the first in my backlog list.


My best buddy got married last January 22. And it was held at the Amari Atrium Hotel. Rose has been my closest officemate and in fact she’s one of my bridesmaids. Our Friendship is really deep and our closeness remain until now despite the fact that we took different carreer paths.

From the gowns, to the shoes, the venue setup and the food everything was well organized. It really was one beautiful wedding.

the newly wed

the moogs

best friends


Posted on: June 3, 2010

Before you think that I am already dead because of lack of personal post, I’m finally coming out.:)

I’m certain that you know already the reason for my absence, Yes, as always, I’ve been so very busy with work. Busy as a bee that I really can’t find time to update  this blog.

Anyway,  I just want to inform everybody that life has been good to me. I’ll try to find some spare time to blog about the recent happenings in our lives soon.

1. My Best Friend’s wedding

2. First Movie date with Anjo

3. Anjo’s  summer class

4. The “M’ Project

5. Anjo’s 3rd birthday

6. Anjo’s first day in school

Watch out for my next post.

of our anniversary celebration that is!


Watch out for more kwentos and pics.



Whether you’re a little boy or big boy – make sure you do your best to save some pennies for a rainy day.

Happy WW!

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Happy WW!

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